Work in Progress

This part of my website gives you a insight into the production of my paintings. Below is the current painting I am working on and the links on the left will take you to previous works in progress.  To view any unsold original paintings click here or to buy Limited Edition prints of my work click here

Blue bell woods painting Complete

Finally done, Im calling this painting "Bluebell wood" instead of "Bluebell Walk" which I was considering as a title. The lens flare affect although very hard to paint has been worth doing as it seems to have bought the painting together nicely.

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Blue bell woods painting stage 12

Find on this stage the base colours now applied in the bottom left, bluebells will be painted on top of this which I want to make striking and therefor I will take my time on this next stage to make sure I get this right.

Once the bluebells are complete I will finish the artwork be adding a lens flare in the top left and bottom right of the painting - this will be very soft as I want the viewer to be aware of this upon second glance only. I also feel this will put a more modern twist on the painting

Blue bell woods painting stage 11

As you can see I have painted more bluebells - I will add more colour to these ones already painted once I complete or as Im working on the bluebells which are going in the bottom left.

Blue bell woods painting stage 10

I have now starting to introduce some bluebells into the distance all with a number to brush. I have also softened the light in the top left with the airbrush, Im thinking of adding a lens flare affect in this top corner but I will do this right at the end.

I have also worked a bit more on all the trees and will keep fine tuning these until Im happy.

Im now really looking forward to finishing this piece!

Blue bell woods painting stage 9

I feel Im starting to get the impression of depth now in this painting, still needs more work but I feel its nearly there on that aspect! The top left of this painting is by no means complete, it needs to be softer with a strong sense of light coming through - I feel I may come back to this part of the painting last now.

This now leaves me to proceed with the blank bits of the painting which mainly are going to be bluebells.

Blue bell woods painting stage 8

Here is the next stage, I will soon be introducing the Bluebells into this painting which will start to bring this painting to life.

Blue bell woods painting stage 7

This painting is now taking really good shape, I'm very pleased with the progression so far.

Blue bell woods painting stage 6

I have now finished the foliage on the far right (this was not complete on stage 5) I've also continued to add more foliage to the left making sure the colours and textures tie in with the foliage on the far right. This is the disadvantage in working in small areas at a time as you have to work harder to make sure everything ties in together! (I don't however always work in this manner which you will see on my future Work in progress projects)

Also I have added the plank of wood at the bottom of the path, this should help lead the viewers eye down the path way more when the painting is complete!

Blue bell woods painting stage 5

Since last stage I have painted in the foundations of some more tree trunks to the left. The visible white spots over these trunks was achieved again with liquid mask (which I've used a lot so far in this painting!) At a later date these white spots will end up as green leaves.

The foliage and fence on the right I have also started by applying a mix of gouche and acrylic inks, a lot of it applied using a very controlled 'wet on wet' technique. This technique requires a fast way of working and is a way of blending colours together on the artboard instead of the palate. It seems to be giving me a good affect here which once fully dried I can start to build up more layers of paint on top applied in a more controlled manner for the detail, shadows etc

blue bell woods painting stage 4

Now most of the windy path has been added you should now be starting get a feel for the overall composition of the painting. I will work more on the colour of the path and the shadows being cast over it once I have painted all blue bells, greenery and the smaller trees around it . I will do this to make sure everything ties in together nicely.

Blue bell woods painting stage 3

Ive now added more layers of paint and detail to the tree, the shadow and highlights which I have added give this tree good form and a solid look. I have applied the highlight to to left of the tree with a mix of two whites, as you can see this paint is whiter then the artboard itself. These white areas which I have painted can mark easy or become dirty thus losing the affect as a highlight so I will need to keep these very well covered when I progress.

If you noticed I have started this painting from the bottom right, normally however I would start in the top left and work down to the bottom right which helps to keep the painting clean

Blue bell woods painting stage 2

Next stage now and Ive started to paint one of the main focal points of the painting which is the large tree, this is at a very early stage with alot more layers of paint to be applied but its a good base which Im pleased with. So far painting has been produced with acrylic inks with a number 2 paint brush, I have also blended some colours with the airbrush to soften and blend.

Blue bell woods painting stage 1

Below shows the painting at a very early stage, firstly I have drawn lightly most of the detail for the whole painting with a 2H pencil. I have then proceeded to paint a section of the painting to a near finished state. I want to carry this same style, tone and detail through the whole painting so doing this small section will help me to do so as I can use it as reference.