Work in Progress

This part of my website gives you a insight into the production of my paintings. Below is the current painting I am working on and the links on the left will take you to previous works in progress.  To view any unsold original paintings click here or to buy Limited Edition prints of my work click here

Completed painting of Flying Scotsman

I have finally completed the painting of the most famous steam locomotive in the world No. 4472 Flying Scotsman (LNER Class A3 Pacific). If you scroll down the page you can see how I built this painting up step by step.

I feel this painting has worked out quite well with the detail of the engine against the more loose background and foreground.

Limited Edition prints of this painting are now available, click here for details and to see more railway prints by artist James Green.

Close up of completed Painting of Flying Scotsman

Close up of completed painting by railway artist James Green showing the flying Scotsman pulling a rake of teak coaches.

Stage 4 -Painting of Flying Scotsman

Close up of Flying Scotsman painting, around 1-2 weeks now before its complete. I wanted to achieve a solid looking engine and I believe I have done that. Just the carriages to paint now which will be Teaks.

Stage 3 - Painting of Flying Scotsman

Next stage of 'Flying Scotsman' Painting. Here you can see around 80% of the background complete. I will now move on to the engine and carriages before finishing the background this will help tie everything together.

Stage 2 - Painting of Flying Scotsman

Moving away from the sketch you can see I've made a nice start to the painting, I have changed the double decker bus to a single decker 'Lincolnshire Leyland TS8 Tiger type B'. I just felt the double decker was just a little over powering for the picture.

Stage 1 - Pencil Sketch of Flying Scotsman

I'm setting this painting of the 'Flying Scotsman' in a 1930s era. You can see by my initial sketch here that I have included a bus to help indicate this, I feel this will balance the picture out better too.