Work in Progress

This part of my website gives you a insight into the production of my paintings. Below is the current painting I am working on and the links on the left will take you to previous works in progress.  To view any unsold original paintings click here or to buy Limited Edition prints of my work click here

Misty Landscape Painting Complete

As you see I ended up only painting one pheasant in the end instead of the intended brace. With the addition of the hunter appearing out of the mist alarming the pheasant then I thought 'Startled' was the perfect title for this painting.

The location is at the end of Drybread Rd Whittlesey (with the addition of a few extra trees for artist licence).

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Misty Landscape Painting stage 1

Background nearly complete, will move forward onto the foreground now. The finished painting will feature two pheasants scattering around in the undergrowth. Not sure what the title of this painting will be yet.