Work in Progress

This part of my website gives you a insight into the production of my paintings. Below is the current painting I am working on and the links on the left will take you to previous works in progress.  To view any unsold original paintings click here or to buy Limited Edition prints of my work click here

Stage 8 of Tornado Steam Train painting

Finally complete!!! Now this painting has took some doing but as you can see the results were worth it.

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Stage 7 of Tornado Steam Train painting

I can start to move onto painting the foreground now I have finished the Tornado steam engine itself. The steam which is blowing over some of the carriages still needs more attention but will do this right at the end to ensure the steam also looks correct in relation to the foreground of the painting. Overall Im pleased to be at this stage and now the rest of the painting should come together very quickly.

Stage 6 of Tornado Steam Train painting

You can see I have nearly completed painting the Tornado engine itself so just the carriages and foreground to do now. It has taken me much longer to get the painting at this stage than I could have ever imagined.

Stage 5 of Tornado Steam Train painting

I've mixed applying the paint onto this part of the painting with a the traditional paint brush (size 00) and my sotar 20/20 extra fine airbrush. This is a perfect mix to recreate the shine and all the details and reflections on this part of the steam train.

Stage 4 of Tornado Steam Train painting

Been a while posting a update due to the detail in this part of the painting. I had to make sure that these five wheels I painted here were spot on angle wise as they would have stood out a mile if I got these slightly wrong. Also the reference Im using is very sharp indeed and has little sense of movement in the wheels so I have tried to add some here with out going over the top! I think this has worked but I may come back to this part of the painting at a later date.

Stage 3 of Tornado Steam Train painting

Its taking me a while to upload the next stage of this Tornado painting mainly due to the shear detail in this part of the painting. Also the big ellipses at the front of the engine itself has taking a while to get right!

Im really pleased with the shine effects on the side and the watermarks running down the front, these small details take a long time to get right but are worth the effort in the end. It was important for me to also paint all the lettering "THE TALISMAN", "60163" and "A1" perfectly - I've seen too many paintings in the past which have been let down by poor letting so for me its important to get these spot on.

Stage 2 of Tornado Steam Train painting

This close up may help the viewer to appreciate the amount of detail which Im putting into the painting.

Im moving along at a pace of around one square inch a day, using a 00 size paint brush (00 is about one of the smallest paint brushes you can get). Im also using my airbrush to blend areas of colour together and to add layers of paint on top of each other until I reach my desired affect.

On the edges you can see some clear mask , this helps protects the rest of the painting which Im not working on.

Anyway as you can see its coming along great, and Im really enjoying the process.

Stage 1 of Tornado Steam Train painting

I have felt for sometime now that as a artist Im not really pushing myself to the limits on what I can achieve, so I now plan to resolve this with this my next painting which is going to be the newly built tornado A1 steam train.

This will be by far technically and detailed wise the most challenging painting I have ever completed and one that Im really looking forward into getting my teeth into.

As you can see its got off to a good start, I spent along time on the composition and also in drawing all the detail making sure that it was exact before any paint touched the art board (around 1 weeks work on the drawing itself which measures 30"x22"). The steam I have painted by running the paint through my airbrush (free hand airbrushing and by using soft masks). This steam is yet complete as some steam will be shown blowing over some of the carriages and foreground, so will have to complete this at the end of the painting.