Work in Progress

This part of my website gives you a insight into the production of my paintings. Below is the current painting I am working on and the links on the left will take you to previous works in progress.  To view any unsold original paintings click here or to buy Limited Edition prints of my work click here

Stage 8 of Winter Hunter painting

Now complete at last, Im very pleased over all. I feel I have achieved in what I set out when I started this painting which was to paint a warm looking snow scene.

Scroll down to see how I built this painting up.

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Stage 7 of Winter Hunter painting

Talk about a part of this painting giving me trouble! The bottom left of this of this painting has proved very challenging indeed but after much work and rework and endless layers of paint I think I have nailed it.

Stage 6 of Winter Hunter painting

Close up of detail, coming along nicely!

Stage 5 of Winter Hunter painting

Top half of painting now complete

Stage 4 of Winter Hunter painting

With the trees Ive been trying to add more depth of field to them which seems to be working well- however the whole process of painting these trees is taking me much longer than I first thought but I think the results will be worth it in the end!

Stage 3 of Winter Hunter painting

Now with the mask off, you can see the bottom part of the art board is still nice and clean. As it now is not contaminated with any paint from the sky it will now make it easier for me to paint the bottom part.

Next stage I will be starting to build up some trees which I will paint on top of the sky!

Stage 2 of Winter Hunter painting

With the sky now complete, here you can see me pulling the mask off which was protecting the bottom half of the art board.

Stage 1 of Winter Hunter painting

This is the 1st stage of my latest painting, which is going to be a snow scene.

Here you can see the sky which is about complete which I have painted fully with the airbrush. I will build this painting up from back to front, as you see there is masking film on the bottom third of this painting this is protecting the white artboard underneath while the sky is being complete.